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First Day of Ramazan at Hot Springs Cove

For the love of God, we whose god is love
left our overbooked hotel in late August,

seeking peace & quiet on a beach
beside the narrow gulf between, yes, Greek

Samos & a Turkish National Park,
so close together traffic can be spied

moving along the island after dark
& terrorists can swim between their shores.

Because our stay in paradise was quickly
coming not true but to an end, I went

there to that place between two worlds with you—
not East or West, summer or fall, or now

or then, when I will leave you & our boy
alone, with no way back to such a spot.

Feeling as empty as if you could look
through me already, the underworld bubbling

up from below, I threw myself at once
upon the mercy of the blue slash green

Aegean, everlasting in the face
of all the turnover in gods it's seen.

Randy Blasing

Michigan Quarterly Review

Fall 2011

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