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       After the cells of Louise Bourgeois


Studies show the difference between legs and arms is in what tends to come after them: hands or feet. As the difference between teaching in a prison and the Ivy League is a question of attendance and if you can tell the weather from the wall.


This tiny spiral staircase in the corner appears to be moving. Some experts say it is not. They say getting a degree in prison is like this.


It's not uncommon, doctors concur, that gnawing on a stone while speaking of clauses to a mother and daughter incarcerated in the same prison may lead to the gnawing of that stone to stone.


Recent polls note a breakdown in language when people say incarceration over generations, a hesitation and.


Too many enclosures make people cold, new data shows, and when it's cold it's going to be cold. As for the spider, she's feeling for an open seam between the walls.

Idra Novey

Exit, Civilian
The University of Georgia Press

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