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Get Away from It All

Go, go, I breathe the air
           flossed with silence
moving me to melt

into any form what
           choice when they
finish your thought

did you mean numerous no
when minds flood into minds
yet one creed molds

this town of giant convenience
           a white church
of blond wooden pews burning

a dark pile of something
           enough these terrors,
clarity, empathy, please

drop me onto a quiet coast
           dotted with sandpipers
the horizon hyphenates

are they UN forces no
           they are nudist bathers.
They have beached.
Dashed with amorous wet,

they call out like walruses,
these loafing rebels against
           the enhanced,
I see too much

yet go, go into the unknown,
           smell the salt, rancid
scent of water, seagull,
blades of grass and listen,

the one with the sodden beard says
           undrape yourself,
you are not guilty to me.

Cathy Park Hong

Engine Empire
W. W. Norton

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