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The Pacific Is the Sky

So torrents of the Seventh,
Fifth and Ninth. Riverbeds of
Bach, Beethoven and Amadeus
rapids of the sky, peaks and pastures

Estuaries and waterfalls of the Fourth
tributaries and sounds
of air, organs, summits
of Michimahuida, Aysén and oceans:

             —The Pacific is the sky

Torrents of the sons of Espolón
Yelcho, lake and surroundings:

             —The sky of Chile alive,

The Pacific is the sky   bearing themselves then the rivers
that love each other    opening themselves

Like fans    swelling until they smash down in the waves
of the ocean that shatters over the horizon    They are the
ancient rivers note the men looking at them    No: they are
the tides of the sky answer the crests of the Pacific
squalls    coming on among the clouds

In the foreground    receiving the thousands of rivers
that once went to the encounter of those beaches    It
is the ocean they repeat coming in    No: they are the
beaches of the horizon    it is the snow    it is us rising
to find each other in the final torrent of all souls
the flayed of Chile scream revived among the waters
This is because I am the sky the Pacific repeats again
alive    blue    spuming with love above the mountains

Raúl Zurita

The Paris Review

Summer 2012

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