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    For Jane

the simple way the beach has
         of breaking the waves into
         sections     here
where the plovers
have their beach     & there
where the sails snap taut
         in the wind

         the simple way
love has of making
things right
         a breakfast has of lingering
         when company is good
light has in the night
when the night is prone to black

         the simple way of
watching the platform's edge as the train
comes in     of thinking about
         the construction of citadels
in bygone
eras     of what the artist
         said     some people really think

they're better than others
         the simple way
         that thinking has
of coming back to you
when you think of
                   thinking as
                   what you

want to do
         the simple way of
raspberries     of walking back
from the theater
         when the movie was bad
         & you have someone
to talk to

Matt Reeck

Colorado Review

Fall / Winter 2012

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