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A Moment

A measurement of time
in which dogs live
without regret
or desire to enhance
their reputation
and personal worth.
An idea designed
to shelter contentment
and regulate fretfulness.
A request for calm
and further reflection.
A pause or hesitation
used as a defense
against a horrid memory
or fear of the corner.
A stall for time
in order to regain
one's reasonableness
and equilibrium.
An allotment
requested by those
who've used up
their other options.
A plea for calm.
A ubiquitous cave
of sanity. An end
a beginning. A room
in which bad news
resides. A wall
behind which
nothing more
waits to happen.
A desperate limitation.
A grain of sand.
A last breath.
A vast opportunity.
A plea to begin over again.

Philip Schultz

The Southern Review

Winter 2013

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