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Canticle of Clouds

Stratus—stuff and nonsense;
                                           how things tear and frazzle;
A happenstance of riffle and spume; dust and diaspora; in short, the long view.

Cirrus—easy come;
                              how things tendril, spindle, and tuft;
The ice- and milt-stippled current; a sigh; the intervention of drift.

Contrail—a stitch in time;
                                       how things linger and fade;
Legato passage, the having been; seam in the collateral damask.

Cumulus—two heads are better;
                                               how things swell and rush
To judgment; the hurly-burly of Moe and Larry; magisterial pomp, pratfallen.

Nimbus—see no, speak no evil;
                                              how things brim and spill;
Part and whole; the unmarked field over a field; pure radiance put to use.

Jennifer Atkinson

Canticle of the Night Path
Parlor Press

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