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A Sky That Carries

            There are bells ringing
all through the Judean hills:
     great clatter of rejoicing,

            great wresting of the sound
of metal singing. This is how we've
     learned to declare our joy.

            The sky, blue
and everlasting, is splitting
     beneath the weight

            of everything. It is
made new: a sky that carries all
     the strains from iron bells

            we will create. Their deep
ringing sings through it
     like an old call

            to hurry our rejoicing.
There is time, they say, only
     for this gratefulness,

            only for this urgent joy.
So here it is, my word to you:
     I am waiting,

            waiting on the edge
of this new earth, waiting
     while the hills

            reflect like earthen mirrors
all the clamor of this plea.
     There is only time for this.

            Time for us to set, at last,
our hearts into the great broad river
     of this ringing sky.

Jacob Newberry

Colorado Review

Spring 2013

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