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Waiting Up

you have a cut above your right eye
where have you been

while you were gone none of our appliances
would work for me

none of the mirrors would talk
to me, either

I looked out the window and saw a tree
doubled over as if

its sap had suddenly curdled and I
was worried

if these sparse woods, if these faint vines
fall apart, isn't it because I'm

losing my hair, because I'm tearing my nails
away from my hands and you

came home tonight with a cut
and buttons missing

who is sending us this message
the paperboy

no longer comes to the house, maybe his bicycle
has rusted, maybe

a cancer took both of his legs
why did you

come home tonight if you aren't
ready to tell me

Hannah Gamble

Your Invitation to a Modest Breakfast
Fence Books

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