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Easy to deny it's impossible to be who you are
Though you know you're not the "you" you know you are
even memory of events you know define who you are
don't really prove it but prove who you are
is at the mercy of a force you've never seen so you are
not organized like a finch or squirrel whose lives are
determined and true in unselfconsciousness while you are
always sitting on the chair edge of your mind are
worried ceaselessly by nothing in particular are
the nameless hero of a future age whose virtues are
imageless black and white negatives of faith a being so strong you are
joyless cold and have no need are
suffused finally with the banal godless knowledge that you are
hopelessly unknown warped adrift gutted and are
grateful for it because at least the humiliations are
precise keys that fit real brass locks on doors behind which you are
safe the word is safe & purge you of delusions shields
fending off sorrow that you are
the one whose inmost wish is to be here as you are

Stephen Berg

58 Poems
The Sheep Meadow Press

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