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We Are High Performers

We are high performers not normal but high performers
             we perform things make papers smell like
      perfume we are highly creative unusually industrious
                   exceptionally conscientious diligent intelligent

we are high performers former high hopers on a high wire
             balancing a ream of paper on our heads
      no net under us just the boss with her arms crossed
                   in a knot glasses fogged we think

she is smiling yes the boss is definitely smiling she has
             finally found a vein on her wrist that smells of oil
      we plug away despite the plagues in other countries
                   we are still in awe of the boss and

the law and all the dollars the doll I once had is now my
             daughter's doll she will dream of balls and
      gowns and sparkly towns when should I tell her all the
                   towns are falling down

Victoria Chang

The Boss
McSweeney's Poetry Series

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