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First Walk after Cancer

New ugly house (too big) with girl on porch
cradling lacrosse stick; a Spanish lady, lost?
speaking Spanish to Bluetooth in her ear;
tied rods of rebar webbing a bridge under repair;

dude in red shorts, running—Hey, it's not that warm!
no red wheelbarrow; white chick
of seductive frame; ruined snow,
wet street; sun meeting my face

like a brother in a hospital room;
laborers from China in hard hats and uniforms
traversing embassy foundation, just a giant hole;
Israeli grounds next door, cordoned off with cable,

cameras at all corners; cops in car across
the street, 7-11 coffee cooling on the hood;
lost glove in bare tree; blue jay; my favorite shoes:
green lights everywhere, seen, if not understood.

Joshua Weiner

The Figure of a Man Being Swallowed by a Fish
The University of Chicago Press

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