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In the torso of a great windstorm

               Odds and Ends, 1939

The wind makes everything alive….
Without movement a subject is dead. Just look!

      —Susan Vreeland (using the voice of Emily Carr)

Put your hand over a flashlight,
watch it glow faerie pink. Picture—
lit from inside—a belly torch,

the backdrop—
knot of spruce tree organs: liver, kidneys,
         bundle of intestine, stomach—
                   cool blue and green foliage hiding enzymes,
                   bacterium, acids.

That exact texture of pulse,
         quiver, musculature connected
         and contained, skyline and dirt grouted
         together, a vista of
                   inner skin, the underside.
                             Airstream gale whipping
                                                 the pinprick stars into dashes,
                                       molars into canines, evolution
         of the Spartan firmaments. A breezy muse,
         that gust of inspiration.

Now look at the actors erect at centre stage, see:
         skinny veins with plump tops,
                   or—zooming in—synapses of birch foregrounded.
Holy trifecta, three ideas
announcing skyward:
         home, joy, hunger.

Claire Kelly

The Malahat Review

Winter 2013

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