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Summer Luncheon for Painters and Sculptors

After a long period of repose, a painter or sculptor who wishes to resume his creative activities at three on a summer afternoon will try in vain to excite inspiration with a traditional, succulent lunch.
       Weighted down, he would need to walk to digest it, and the day would be chewed up between anxieties and pessimistic thoughts, an artistic loitering without the creation of art.
       Instead, a lunch of pure gastronomical elements should be served: a broth of good tomato sauce, the gold of polenta, a heap of salad greens undressed and without plate; a carafe full of olive oil, another of strong vinegar, and a third full of honey; a big bunch of red radishes, a mess of white roses with their thorny stems.
     At random, without cutlery, and systematically flouting every habit embedded in the nervous system, he should feed, while his eyes investigate Dynamism of a Soccer Player by Umberto Boccioni.

F. T. Marinetti

A Public Space

Issue 20 - 2013

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