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Wake Up You Dead

Once a man sent me a valentine under the circumstance
that he "found it on the floor & decided to send it," a circumstance

which required me to throw it away, just as I threw
a book at John once to make him love me. Circumstances

shift, and today John's small baby who is my small baby ate
a blueberry for the first time. Magic, under the circumstances.

It is time to vote for President again and I've watched a house
be torn down brick by brick the past three weeks. These circumstances

feel connected but the reason sits shiva on the tip of my tongue. Like
"as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he" & the circumstances

on an exit ramp in Newark, NJ which led a man to hold HELP
on a piece of cardboard. I didn't, given the car & the circumstance

& I'm sorry. Oh wake up you dead language, you who place a circle
which is constant inside the blue heart of our stormy circumstance.

Kay Cosgrove


Fall 2016

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