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Montell Jordan came to the Fatburger drive-thru

Montell Jordan came to the Fatburger drive-thru as I was clocking out so I went outside to get his autograph for one of my nieces back East who thought he was soooooo fine he was in a black Suburban with 50-11 dudes & was really cool about it & didn't try to hit on me I probably smelled like Fat Fries even though I'd changed out of my uniform & into khaki shorts & a tank top he turned the music way down to hear me better & seemed really tired I knew that feeling I still had to take two buses home & get up at 5:30 in the morning to make it to campus for 8am statistics & try not to get flashed like earlier that day by a barefoot man in a filthy cloth diaper I was too tired to be anything but mad that I had to stop studying & leave my seat on the bus bench as he swung his pale penis around like a stripper tassel I screamed get the hell out of my face! & he burlap sack sagged away revealing the thong quality of the diaper a cop strolled out of the nearby Winchell's sipping coffee it smelled hella good & he asked if I was all right he said do you want me to arrest him I said no I just want to keep reading The Salt Eaters

Khadijah Queen


Fall / Winter 2016

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