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Spring Sequence


So far all the perennials seem to have survived the winter,
The bed of fennel retrenching itself in one showery stem.



Again this year, underneath the awnings and latticed roofs,
The seedlings are exhalations of the potting soil set out in flats

At Chapon's. Snow Crown, Jade Cross, Golden Summer


As if the darkness spilled from crevices of sweet green light,
Two katydids, sheathed and translucent as leaves,


Crossing the sets of train tracks back from beside the river,
I see how things go forward by twos: rails, ties, gravel beds,


Today I bedded the tomatoes in the shred excelsior of straw,
Spread side dressings of compost, pinched off any side-shoots.

The world one thing after another, soon it will be cucumbers.
"In the end," said Tu Fu, "I will carry a hoe."

Robert Gibb

Marsh Hawk Press

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