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         there's an impulse for privacy though I realize
         that testimony streams from every delightful
                   opening the body
                                             has to offer.

                   Or if the narrator is guilty, so be it.
              I can tell from your profile
you like hiking, parrots,
                   and you're afraid of getting old.

I am too. Who isn't?
                   Only the young
                               who will never
                   know what pleasure could
                   have been.

       As if pleasure isn't
         historical. As if our bodies
          are not tightened, thinned,
        or relaxed according to
dictators, bureaucrats,
                   the inventors
                       of trans fat.

         They don't know
         what we go through, and defending
                   pleasure kills it
                   before the judge
                       can render
                              a verdict.

Farewell, Mississippi, farewell.
              If it was a game,
            you won, if it wasn't,
                       I'm embarrassed to say
            you turned me on.

            The needless battles,
                        the false posture
                        of glory, defeat,
                        the pathetic spectacle.

                        There was no terrorist
                        among us but you
            imagined the worst
            in everything and took us
                 all down with you.

Sandra Simonds

Further Problems with Pleasure
The University of Akron Press

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