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Here I Am

Here I am at the Berlin Wall.
They tore it down, but it's still there
in this picture, like my long dark hair.
But there's a wall between her and me
that, like me, won't be getting thinner.
Here we are,
myself and me,
thinking, Ich bin ein Berliner,
but who is free?

Did you pack your passport?
Sign your traveler's checks?
Don't talk to men,
they only want sex;
keep a ladylike appearance
and when was the last time you sent
a postcard to your parents?

Here it is.
Here's my postcard to me.
I've become my own mother;
never thought I'd be.
But here I am ...
here I am.

Mary Jo Salter

The Surveyors
Alfred A. Knopf

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