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Morning in the Burbs

But God, I love the cul-de-sac
at seven a.m., I can't help it!
This wind-streaming-between-
grass-blades point of view!

But this punctuated lawn
I stand upon! The family
of shrubs, flat-topped & shaped
into a question mark:

the eye of its mouth, my favorite
standing place. A painter's steel
scaffold:        against the neighbor's
gutter like a concert glockenspiel.

The souped-up air condirioning:
    in monk octaves.The sheer
wash of it all, water rushing
from a bucket:        A man soaping

down his Saab, tie sly tucked.
Two cable guys sharing a joint
in a horseshoe drive:        But God,
I envy their temporary sweet spot:

snippet of carefree chummery.
This mum machine hard at work
before work. The:        The nothing
getting in. The nothing getting out:

Marcus Wicker

Mariner Books

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