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In the Street without My Glasses

Blur sips at the blue bowl
of morning. The heart,

old mole, noses forward
to sense something of steel, maybe

of stoneŚwithout a lens the filth
is gone. Unrefracted men and women

regress toward a trembling Monet mean,
trees and marquees go dumb

in the warble of sky,
and even nameless cars

dodging their promised manslaughters
gleam like starlings

under bus faces smeared
to leaf and petal. Someone crosses

the street, a tremolo
of arm, a shudder of color

smoothed to one age, race and sex as light
as his or her shadow shimmering

off the asphalt like distant desert heat,
the true flicker we may be. Now I can love

you, whoever you are. The world
before the uncorrected eye

brims, marbles, quivers
over its boundaries, wells.

Harry Bauld


Issue 63: 2017 Poetry Contest

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