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Deep Down

"I have said, and intend to say, nothing of the hideous
business of the Six Snowmen, and the unspeakable end

Okay, let's count 'em up. There's 1)
a small-time pimp with big-ass dreams;
2) an undercover op [as opposed to the undercover cop
he sometimes sleeps with]; 3) the newbie dancer
at Titters; 4) the nurse in the refugee camp,
in a never-ending pinwheel of sweat flies; 5)
the undercover cop; 6) the top-floor CEO of the very
important multinational petro-corporation that...
what doesshhh) "each year
obliviates one hundred million supersecret documents"
[I think I'll repeat that figure: One Hundred Millioncould

Albert Goldbarth

The World of Multicongruencies We Tend to Inhabit Increasingly
New Michigan Press

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