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Landscape with Stucco and Dandelion

20th-century libertines peer from frosted glass
because they want to learn how I triumph, so

I am going to confess this once

      and then I am going to confess it again

in different ways I won't admit to but never mind.
This won't be the last time

      I let the riffraff envenom my body

while they pretend to be heroic.
This won't be the first time I faint against a building

where the weeds escape the cracks
into some kind of suffocating, mangled abandon.

Slumped against the sunlit stucco
I fail to keep my wits about me in a choke of triggers.

I down this dandelion poison because the promise
pitches a floral danger I could live inside.

I didn't emerge well-trained into this savage vista
because all the houseplants were succulent, and,

while anyone could witness rot writ all over my blighted arrangement,

      no one stepped in.

Lynn Melnick

Landscape with Sex and Violence
YesYes Books

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