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Phenomenal Body

The far reaches need gathering in.
"Springtime, and the first birds and letters reach
the lonely Arctic."

The left hand with its jimmied fingers.
The right hand crooking a cup's ear.

The changes. The feet more serious,
the toes more chary.

Bridge I love you says the pelvis.
Knee asks how ships balance
on the world's great canals.

The body packed with travel. Gallop of the circulatory,
lanes and flyways of the lymphatic, the glandular, the nervous.

The back of the head nonplussed
never to know itself directly,
within it the pituitary of the nine secretions,
the multiple dynamic equilibriums.

The eyes' individual oceans
shadowed with debris. The retinas,
forward parts of the brain.

The forehead's masonic third eye, messenger
of morning twilight.

Angela Ball

Talking Pillow
University of Pittsburgh Press

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