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Breac the brock
laid broken-backed
by the side of the road,
white & black
pattern stitched
& unstitched,

unpacked, unpicked.
My Alan Breck,
dashing Jacobite
gone hither & yon
at his master's call
& beck: towering

broch reduced
to a brick of a thing;
there when I drive
to work & when
I drive back, dead
weight tipped

like so much bruck.
The Celts fancied
the god Apollo
a burrowing brock:
the healer god,
great sea badger—

removing which
hard-shoulder bric-
a-brac the council
call 'uplifting'
work, but oh
the ache

as sessions of winter
& spring snow
come and go
with still no curtain
of soil drawn over
poor brock's back.

David Wheatley

The President of Planet Earth
Wake Forest University Press

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