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New Moon

got to pullout from predatory capitalism
           got to participate in all emancipation
I have to prepare to live tight
           to court danger
prepare to live on air
           I have to stop buying stop watching
have to learn to turn hate
           into light and uncover I think
must keep calling Gloria who makes me have hope
           dance to disco from the oil crisis
have to resist bottled liquids the colors of finger paint
           resist the luxurious have to never
capitulate become a shell
           I'm separated from my nation
have to search for my truth
           the kids ohmygod the kids
teach them to turn off the damn lights
           to compost shoot a gun make agitational film
to resist the lure to charge it
           they will have to be tougher
so I have to mine for toughness
           for me for the children
for all their middle age
           to accept that it is fascism
that it was long coming          a long con
           tears are blood act accordingly
have to remember the singular ubiquitous enemy
           have to forgive
my horizontal rival remember urgency
           not some ideal past that never existed
I do remember the precarity
           have to live against the wall
into the future into the disturbance
           have to return to a more lucid diction
a marrow of language I'll read novels
           about the past
I have to refuse to be
           what they are to be what they'll do
will avenge will disturb
           will revise will filter
don't want to      still have to

Carmen Giménez Smith

Southern Indiana Review

Fall 2017

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