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Night Habit

I have a night habit, darkly moving in air,

Not mattering—a veil of incident light.

Mother-of-pearl field luster, I park inside

A streak of hill cane, where an opening folds

Me in by the perennial stream. I have my night

habit, see, I am moving in the dark air, no

Matter, no light to veil. I am incident in the

Field, a perennial opening folds me in. Night

Park, lust for pearl. In the front pasture daisies

Diffuse, strands of lucent vapor. I walk over

The hill, a streak of dark. In the field, perennial

Mother in the hollow, I come for my habit—

Air veil, enfold me where I matter, the opening

Dark, the want in me lustering. Over daisies I pearl

A stream of incidents, me stranded with night,

Made hollow by opening, field matter, stranger.

The Cloud of Unknowing, Chapter 23:  God will answer and provide in
spirit for those who, out of devotion to his love, choose not to answer for
themselves or make provisions for themselves.

Alicia Wright

Poetry Northwest

Winter & Spring 2018

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