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Spring Arrives Late to Salt Lake City

Why so hesitant, spring? What's the problem?
I've never known you quite this shy.
You're like a new girl in junior high,
avoiding the hallways, the lunch room,
strangely oblivious of your own beauty
or perhaps afraid of it, keeping it hidden.
But what's happening? All of a sudden
you're trying prom dresses on all over the city,
absurdly poufy pinks, whites, purple-reds,
yards and yards of crinoline beneath each skirt.
And now you're tearing them up! Exquisite shreds
cover streets, cars, sidewalks, rooftops, grass. . . .
You're back to all or nothing, spring. I'm envious.
I aimed to be like that, but I lost heart.

Jacqueline Osherow

Able Muse

Winter 2017

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