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Two Poems

Description of a Vision

You said it was only a dream
but I said a dream is the same as a vision
and that you should tell me everything.

So you said
who was it put their finger
into whose side?
and I said
Thomas into Christ'só
but that Christ didn't giggle
like you did in your sleep last night.

And you said
well in your dream
someone who shall remain nameless
put their finger
into a deep wound in your side
but that it tickled
and felt nice.

And then you said
did I really think it was a vision
because that was sort of how it seemedó

which is when I said that after all
maybe a vision is just the same as a dream.

Mary & Felicity
MARYLook out the window, Felicity.
Look at the pink-chested finch.
Don't you think he is ravishing
Piping away on the branch?
FELICITYOh he's as common as muck, Mary.
He's as common as leaves on the tree.
You're just jealous
I found the white pheasant
And you had nothing to see.

Tara Bergin

Poetry London

Spring 2018

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