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Two Poems


Open the bays      and we fall together
as in archival footage

from last generation's war
we shift     inside our tumbling

the air hitting us
each     a little differently

there's comfort in this
collectivity     we'll land

together     more or less
our impacts     giving off

tiny globes of light
becoming     one light

soundless     to the pilots
the bombardiers

wherever they've gone

The Humanist

When he rose before the jury of his peers
he knew he had arrived at the endgame
of his belief, mirror against mirror,

and when they read to him his crimes—
his betrayal of the time's
consensus—he saw he would be folded into the body

of the human story. He would be
judged and found guilty
of elevating men to this very position of judgment.

The loneliest person on earth
is a humanist condemned. When the pyre
was lit, it bloated the square

with light—the light his body fed.
(Later the guards cleaned up in darkness.
We have no record of what they said.)

Wayne Miller

32 Poems

Fall/Winter 2017

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