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Milano Adesso

They are speaking rapidly in Milan right now unacceptably
far from me at tables in sunlight, their sunglasses poised adeptly
upon their dark hair, their hands inflecting thoughts,
they understand themselves to be splendidly alive adesso
and to waste it would be a provincial sort of stupidity
somehow not unrelated to American crudity
so they laugh bright-briefly and pivot into
the next current in their silver stream of Milanese
in which they take for granted three or seven insights
cultural, political, postindustrial millennial digital
toward which I will stumble three or five years hence if
even then. Light breeze flicks the piazza
causing quick adjustments of handsome intelligent hair
in Milan right now as the conversation pivots like a skier
S-curving through implications of non-stupid passion
(with irony incorporated) sexual certainly though
inseparable from books and fifty websites I will
never visit.
                    Milan, Milano,
Milano adesso si far far aye aye flow on great Po
great Danube mighty Rhine aye ripple on old Seine

in a Kansas of muddled passive co-optedness though I be
while brightness streams on elsewhere mythically
we shall all quicksoon enough find the sea!

Mark Halliday

Losers Dream On
The University of Chicago Press

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