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Two Poems

       from "Mendicant: 'Dear She'"

The solidity and warmth of your arm upon a counter, and my sudden sense of you very much alive. We all inhabit each otheró

Andóall of the students in lectures while occupied on devices. Why are they there andóclicked away?

I was at radiation and I was annoyed because they were making me wait. I'd already waited half an hour and I had to give a talk in one more half an hour.

So I said, are you going to treat me? And I really thought that then I'd have to go give my talkódead.

Your medicine is not my mendicant

Would you rather hike thirst or scour wells? Singe coats or go cold?

Would you prefer this portrait surgically installed?

Or would you prefer a non-surgical progression of pricks before your veins collapse?

And they said you shouldn't have another glass of winter

And technicians were rough assisting you off of the metal tableau

May I have my opiate vise now, she asks. And the radial engine says no, then wavers, consents

If only you'll sharpen. If only you'll share every numb sense

Laynie Browne

You Envelop Me

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