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Two Poems


At a stately pace,
this clump
of bubbles
tours the perimeter
of the cup.

“Living systems
make the most
of a set of
imposed constraints.”

As our hostage
situation guest
said earlier

Belief systems
are parodies.

Glass lampstand
in the shape
of a bong
at an upscale hotel
in Berkeley.

that self-identify
as fads

vs. those that won’t.

Slender and blond,
the poplar
has wandered
into its present

Object Permanence

What if the ability
to capture
emblems in the wild
won’t validate us?

What if displaying
our embarrassing flaws
won’t save us—

say being dead
but kittenish?

I can’t show you anything
new, not even

an empty room
behind a velvet rope.

Least of all that!

There’s a Lexus
spinning in a parking lot

because a mountain road is
“so cliché.”

It’s throwing up dust, then more,
but you know the car’s

still in there

still voguing

Rae Armantrout

Wesleyan University Press

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