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An Empty House Is a Debt


There is a house in me. It is empty. I empty it.

Negative space: the only native emptiness there is.
There is


An alarm goes off. It goes on and on. When the alarm
drifts to different parts of the room,

I realize, that alarm is the sun.


And there is no one who does not need,

never an empty seat. And the blind one,

he does not find a place. There is a god in him
helping him to need himself.


A mother sticks a spoon into my chest,
which is an empty bowl, actually,

so the spoon lands quickly
and loudly. Heartbreak in the heart! she says.



A human terrifies.
A human is someone who becomes terrified, and having become terrified,
craves an end to her fear.

This craving carves a cave.


What is a maze if there is nothing to find in the maze.
I find myself angry at nothing.


My lovers bow before me as though before Medusa.
Tell them you love them. See what they say.

Or say it to yourself, and see what you say.

realization that one day there comes
a parting.

Diana Nguyen

Ghost Of

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