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Birds of the Interior

On the side street of my heart
In the control room of my silence
In the landfill of my shadow

In the happenstance of the silo
In the spirit of my laundry room
In the water tower of my life

Below the watchtower of my social life
In the fuse box of my empathy
In the fuselage of my ire

Around the archipelago of my apathy
Beneath the corkscrew of my libido
Within the coalition of my slumber

Between the swagger of my oil tanks
On the kite string of the image
Behind the body armor of going on and on

In the cottage of my spectacles
In the cabin of my speechlessness
In the bondage of my voice box

In the cocktail of my inaccuracy
In the cocktail of my appetite
In the cocktail of a steady gaze
In the cocktail of a steady gaze

Nathan Hoks

The Narrow Circle
Penguin Books

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