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My Hamartia

My hamartia uprooted undressed  hamartia undone by song green-winged
hamartia  above and  out of courtyard  my royal hamartia  rumor stained  ashy my
knee-slap hamartia  difficult as a joke  my banjo  by string and by neck  my hamartia
undoing the Renaissance  didn't it learn to swim  didn't it move quickly under water
my hamartia breathing  not having petals  my hamartia unrelated  to so-called true
hazels  my hamartia  undone and missing  blue shaped and blue stoned  my witch hazel
hamartia  as it differs in its flowers  hamartia running a fever  my hamartia railing about
counting to see  is anyone missing  my  hamartia where I don't  maybe a river in  my
hamartia's blood  maybe igneous or metamorphic  my tooth and nail  blood and bone
hamartia  load carried by leather strap  my hamartia's hands  where I do  crash of rocks
inside lead-tongued bell  my snot-nosed hamartia  bangs in the eyes  my hamartia's gut
my dock light hamartia  my wreck-of-light  and shipwrecked hamartia  no going
concerns but  clothes on the floor  bed unmade  by hamartia  my hamartia  blue faced
black faced  my hamartia of stone  of schist  my sloop-shaped  burning  sorry hamartia
my hamartia stopped  where river moves it

Carol Ann Davis

The Gettysburg Review

Winter 2016

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