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She waits

       Looked for her in the
unseen—in the play of air
       against the edge of

       what appeared to be—
a child's laugh in a neighbor
       yard could recall her,

       only to call her
back into what had passed—sought
       her in dreams, but she

       waited at one side
in the not to be dreamed of
       yet, neither asking

       for hope nor giving
it, not saying yes or no—
       tried to step out of

       the way, as she taught,
to see if that would make it
       simpler to be found—

       felt she wanted to
be held, even hold on to
       the child she'd made, but

       she wouldn't say—was
it more blessed not to be
       anyone, was that

       the problem now, was
she deciding—tried praying
       her across then, but

       could not, for she kept
remaining in the light she
       had brought to the world—

Dan Bellm

Deep Well
Lavender Ink

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