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To Jim from the River

Jim Harrison 1937-2016

Still floating on the current,
this last stretch before the sea,

like so many we fished together
through what seemed an endless river

stilled now to become just the things
themselves, the purling and the rings

of water reaching out from our casts,
heard now only with our eyes

as I stand in the bow, watching
my fly float high on its hackle

along the grassy bank,
careful not to let my gaze

drift back to where
you would always be,

the strange feeling you said
you sometimes had, letting

more like Mozart
than Wagner, you said,

your good right eye
watching for the rise of a life

your blind left, not too far
downstream, already absorbed

in that dark river light into which
we're constantly rowing.

Dan Gerber

Michigan Quarterly Review

Winter 2017

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