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P Is for Pedestal

a cento

I  wore   a   white  leotard   in  that  part,
    which    is    the    most   exposed
         that  you  can  get,   a  white
leotard and nothing else. And then there was the short, tight, fluffy, white tutu, enhancing everything and hiding nothing, the white flowered bikini top and bottom. He dressed me in white for twenty years. I realized that I could leave the stage only on the stage. The curtain rose again and again, and I was showered with white roses. He had so often sent me white roses.   I stood in
         my     white     satin     gown
    on    the   center    of    the    stage.
I also wore  a pair of long white  gloves.

Jennifer Habel

The Sewanee Review

Spring 2017

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