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Saved from the Fall by Roy Batty

Brilliant minded, child
in emotions, overwhelmed by their moral
weight, in the end Roy Batty chose to save
Deckard, both men unlocked
then from the obligations of their lives.
In physics, when two particles meet,
even when separated, they are never
really apart, still effect the other,
what Einstein called
        spooky action at a distance.
I loved when Roy yanked Deckard up.
He could have let him fall.
Instead, he looked inward, became more
human than either of them had been
until then, recounting his memories:
        I've seen things you people wouldn't believe . . .
A gorgeous list—shoulder of Orion; C-beams glittering
then actor Rutger Hauer, being Roy—ad libs,
        All those moments
        will be lost in time, like tears . . . in . . . rain.

What a strange love story, Batty and Deckard,
and the writer, director, actor, co-creators of Batty,
making me think of sparticles, superpartners
in physics, bosons and fermions, the way
relationship forms a kind of supersymmetry,
potential answer to why the fundamental forces
of the universe don't send us spinning
away from each other or collapsing inward,
        instead holding on,
hoping against

Laura McCullough

The Wild Night Dress
The University of Arkansas Press

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