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Found Poem of Strait of Georgia Insults

You're a Dull Oregon grape you black-bellied plover of a long-billed
dowitcher. You lugworm you screwshell. What a walleye pollock of a
Kelp-encrusting Bryozoan. Yeah, you heard me, you Suborbicular
kellyclam Twelve-tentacled parasitic anemone. Your scaup's always
been Lesser you three-spine stickleback Spring-headed sea squirt.
That's right, you Hairy chiton, I said it. Don't give me any of your
Green falsejingle, you Fat gaper. Who do you think you are, the Lord
dwarf-venus himself? You're nothing but a Flap-tip piddock with an
Aggregated nipple sponge. Come on, you Pile worm you Dubious
dorid you squat lobster. You want a piece of me? Agh, you're all
Hollow green nori you yellowleg pandalid. I wouldn't waste my time
on a solitary tunicate like you. Yeah, so's your mother you Oblique
yoldia. Goddamned mud shrimp. Surf scoter. Sea-clown triopha.
Gribble. Sea noodle. Dunce cap limpet. Bladderclam. Whelk.

Tim Bowling

The Malahat Review

Summer 2017

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