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Illocutionary Reels

Die rolls, rules die.
Reaper, repairer, here appear.

Wear sorrow, noiseware.
Ring, bring news from nowhere.

Offering fearing, Law of the Father, both neither & nether beard.
So motion drips down: first & last liquid.

Voice voice, mark mark, as voices of ice is to vices of eyes.
For a chorus is incarcerated in every point of space.

Every sentence repeats the past.
"Senseless" alone tunes tense to the height of heat.

Arc as ark hides hives, swarming in relation to the rest of reason.
The circle of time is an arc hive.

Language lies like a block on the tongue.
So, called, passion, so, cold, position.

To know no now.
The animal leaves its senses every moon, every moan. No-man, gnomon.

We be, betrayed: we to treat the trait of alone.
House has roof to refer to fire.

Written rotten: the later the letter, the righter the writer.
Think, thank, thunk: O god-dawn, gone down.

Enough of knife, of knife, of of.
& the wound so wound, the sound so wound.

Andrew Joron

The Absolute Letter
Flood Editions

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