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Margin (margin) n-s 1. The space on a page beyond the main body of the text. 2. A pause in the thought process between the seen and the sensed. 3. The edge of vegetation that extends from the pine barrens to the tidal flats, a wetland the eye is hesitant to enter, its nature to remain separate from Nature, its guiding intelligence a step beyond the physical reality of so much salt marsh: the sun a shadowy white against the green tussocks of cord grass, the flight-dragging feet of the egrets, the sagging planks of a spindly pier; sameness in a sinuous maze of stalks and blades: the heat seething with insects, a glittering swarm; numberless fiddler crabs scuttling down identical holes; dull hunks of gurgling mollusks in the gleaming muck; so much seeping that a stream curves and cuts through the silt to the sea, a shimmering expanse. 4. The broad surface of an observed phenomenon from which an inference is drawn: Science assumes a subject in fact and form, but its origin remains half-hidden in the margin.

Warren Slesinger

A Word for It
Dos Madres Press

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