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Ars Poetica

Nine-tenths preparation, this artist's work.
First, fabric between thumb and forefinger,
feeling weight, texture, give, nap. The planning
beforehand. Washing washable textiles

to shrink them before they're sewn. Laying out
the pattern so the design flows, the plaid lines
match, the dress drapes. Shears sharp so the seams
won't pucker, twist, ravel. A seamstress's stress.

Then the fitting, the pinning and re-pinning
those seams. Right shade of thread? The sewing,
seemingly magic, not one stitch visible.
Each seam, steam-pressed flat till at last the sewn

carries material and a dressmaker's vision
out into the world, all in one piece, seamlessly.

Moira Linehan

Notre Dame Review

Summer / Fall 2017

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