Announcing Poetry Daily's iPhone App, Version 2.0!


Dear Readers,

We've fully rewritten the free Poetry Daily iPhone app!

New features include:PD App Home

Speed: The Poetry Daily 2.0 app loads quicky and easily. See poems and information about the poet and publication in a flash. Click to the publisher's web site from the home page.

Retina graphics: Author photo and book cover are now high resolution images.

Full featured news page: Follow news links to news and reviews as they appear on PD's news page. The new 2.0 version makes it easier to navigate back and forth between Poetry Daily and news publications.

User-friendly access to the full year of the Poetry Daily archive: Browse or search the archive for poems that have appeared during the past year. Photographs of poets and book cover images give a visual cue to remind you of poems you want to read again.

Favorites from the past year can be tagged, and are then searchable while they remain in the archive. (Note: Favorites that were saved in Version 1.0 of the App are not saved after a download of 2.0.)

Share more easily with friends via Facebook, Twitter, email, text messaging and AirPrinter.

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Please try out the app, and tweet us your thoughts!


Sincerely yours,

Don Selby & Diane Boller