Welcome to a New Poetry Daily

The new look and feel of Poetry Daily is the result of a collaboration between two gifted designers and its new editorial and production teams based at George Mason University. Our aim in the redesign, from start to finish, was to update the reading experience while preserving our founding editors’ original vision: an online reading space that brings daily poems and news about poetry, poets, and the world of poetry publications to its thousands of readers.

The new site’s appearance is the work of the Binding Agency and its lead, Jenni B. Baker, an artist and poet whose clean, beautiful design delivers new function and ease to the reading experience. She worked with us on every aspect of the site. We hope you find it as much a pleasure as we do.

Baker’s work frames our poems and our new ink drop logo, the work of poet and designer Jeff Clark’s studio Crisis. At the end of the process, Clark spoke about the logo as both a sun and an ink drop, thinking of the daily nature of Poetry Daily and the deep historical connection between poetry and the print tradition.

You’ll notice a number of other new facets to the site, including our weekly serialized feature, What Sparks Poetry: The Poems of Others—the brainchild of our first amazing team of editorial interns, Emily Green, Caely McHale, Alexandria Petrassi, and Joshua Sackett. These four are currently leading a larger group of interns, Gera Adomako, Martin Mitchell, Rose Strode, Millie Tullis, Lloyd Wallace, Blake Wallin, Caroline Weinroth, and Danielle Williams, in the conception of the feature’s next series.

What Sparks Poetry: The Poems of Others serves another function: It introduces to you the sixteen notable poets of our new editorial board, whose diverse aesthetics and experiences will bring new books, poems, and journals to our readers. Their work will become more apparent once we launch in a couple weeks another new feature, Editor’s Choice, which will highlight books publicly selected by editorial board members.

Clark’s and Baker’s new designs replace the classic Poetry Daily logo and web design originated in 1997 by Jim Gibson of Gibson Design Associates (GDA), whose beautiful visual trope of the desktop and daily mail first introduced online readers to the concept of the daily poem. The website design was updated by Christopher Gibson of GDA in 2007. Founding editors Don Selby and Diane Boller have worked with Christopher and Jim since Poetry Daily‘s inception—and Jim Gibson has generously served on our board of directors for years. We are eternally grateful and full of admiration for GDA’s groundbreaking and imaginative original conception.

We hope you enjoy the new experience and that Today’s Poem and our other features find a daily place  in your reading life.