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John Reibetanz
1. PompeiiLook how they made walls vanish     not by running through them
Brian Swann
Heavy damp blue smoke loses its way among bending reed and rill, fromheaps of turved hassocks, where they’ve readied land for ridging to curb floodand purify the air, he says, though come fall of leaf it will be fen again. For now,
Carl Dennis
In 1949, when I was ten,A year after the airlift for beleaguered BerlinHad foiled Stalin’s attempt to starve it
Arleen Paré
the year they diedthey died together     Francesand Florence   though apart by one floor and three weeks
Meena Alexander
In a crumpled shirt (so casual for a god)Bow tucked loosely under an arm still jittery from battle
A. E. Stallings
Cast Irony Who scrubbed this iron skillet
Ellen Boyette
Couldn’t fathom more than           arranging verdant data leftby predecessors so, like wind
Daniel Coudriet
The old roads are not of the body.The fish swarm the surface.Plants find their own suns.
Miriam Bird Greenberg
For almost forty years I have been alive,
and the magnitude of my unknown grows
before me, its shape the shadow
Gabriella Torres
Dear Heavenly Body Appearing as a Point of Light,