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Blanca Castellón
Kate Rutter
We were woken and called into the light and what a light it was.Lamps concealed in crevices were shone through sheets of Sunday white.Everywhere the bellows moved, fog poured like weavers’ winter breath.
Derek Mahon
The bird flying up at the windowpane
aspired to the blue sky reflected in it
but learned the hard truth and flew off again.
John Gallaher
And maybe I’m not such a good person after all. And how does oneeven decide such a thing? The problem’s not lack of information,it’s too much information. Ancillary, distancing noise. What matters
Kristin Chang
Once in a drought, I dropped         all my children down a wellto make the water rise.
Lisa Luxx
His voice was a park swing in the sunshine:My fat toddler legs poked through the holes in the seatI giggled free as I swung
Jennifer Moxley
Miracle Gro crystals blue the water inside the watering can.
Kiki Petrosino
Where did it start? In a city of gardens & muck.When I held someone close, in watery light.We drank & I bled all the way home.


Jennifer Hayashida
People live in stations like they never had mothers or fathers.Fit moms with legs like parentheses worry restroom machines.
Eleanor Stanford
1.She made her way across hunger and thirst