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A. E. Stallings
I dreamed there was a flower called “Sea’s fool”
That bloomed wild, dawdling on the shore, unkempt,
Wind-tousled. Glamored by the name, I dreamt
John F. Deane
Rainbow Already another year
Alicia Mountain
Bought the kind of discount flightwhere you don’t even bring a carry-on,thinking you’ll arrive to everything
Caki Wilkinson
Numbed up from rum and slushies, smoking bowlsin a friend’s friend’s backyard, time’s a minor chordthe night keeps playing. Dude, we need to go,
Elizabeth Parker
fills in his lips with different redsdaubing the brush for a full mouth.
Melissa Kwasny
I send artemesia to my sister, its silver coolantfor her feverand a winding sheet of lilac and blue flax,
Sally Ball
The mind doesn’t do what we want it to do.Mine plays speed Scrabble; it sifts pages and pages
Rowan Ricardo Phillips
You can be a mother who knows a god,And you can ask him for magic armor,A shield the width of Saturn’s widest rings,
Paul Guest
There was the slip, the fall, and thenbefore them all the cast-off banana peel.The slick of ice impossible at night to even see.
Eric Pankey
Though subdued, my fever remained.Snow had closed the interstate.I had time to delineate my boredoms,