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Andrew Wynn Owen
‘A Higgs,’ it reads, ‘makes gravity.’
Next step? All being, moving, doing spring:   The genomes’ sinuosity
Mark Cox
I can still see us there, laughing, all five photographing each other photographing each other, our faces masked by the cameras aimed at one another, and there in the far background, the ruins of ancient Greece.
Christine Lavant
[I was never inside your temple.] I was never inside your temple.
Donald Revell
Leontes Elusive, but only sweetened by
Derek Sheffield
“He wouldn’t make us like monkeys!”says a student in the front row.“‘Cause he made us in his image.”
Donna Masini
Woman on Cell Phone Dragging an Empty Cart
Through Washington Square Park
Marion McCready
but you have always been therein one guise or another.I trace the range of Strathfarrar
Graham Foust
When I’ve lived too late in my life and everyone else’s,about the sun, in the end, I’ll do anyway what ice does—stays if it must, or goes—and I’ll expect the outdoors
Erica Funkhouser
#5 At the center of our galaxy, a black hole. We know this, despite its
Fleda Brown
Come mothsto the sticky triangular tents I have placedin the closet, in the pantry, come down